I am in the process of writing a book. It’s working title is: Science of the Soul

The Science of the Soul Book Cover

This book will explore surprising, but little-known implications of current scientific theories. It shows why, with these theories, we are led to unexpected conclusions on life’s deepest questions.


Science of the Soul explores some of the most pivotal discoveries of the 20th century, including special relativity, quantum mechanics, computationalism, the big bang model, mathematical realism, the technological singularity, and theories of personal identity.

Each theory has implications for ideas associated with religion, but not ones you might expect. Relativity is taught in high school, but it’s rarely appreciated that it implies eternal life. Quantum mechanics is the most accurate theory in the history of science, but few realize it implies a form of immortality.

Each theory provides new information about the nature of consciousness and reality. Through the book we find that modern science does not imply a purely mundane and materialistic world view — far from it.

Following logical implications of these well-established theories leads to a picture of the soul that is eternal, immortal, and immaterial — capable of reincarnation, resurrection, and divine union — and ultimately, one with all others. In short, millennia-old ideas, from varying religions, are found to have scientific support.

We are thereby led to a new ‘religion‘ — one revealed through science. In this new religion, we find much similarity to ideas in Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Judaism and others.

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