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Jason K. Resch

Jason K. Resch is an inventor, computer scientist, and writer who is curious about the nature of reality and consciousness.

Why Always Asking

Since I was young I’ve been fascinated by big questions. Questions like “Why does anything exist?” and “What is consciousness?” — questions most assume to be forever beyond our understanding.

Three events later in life rekindled this fascination. The first was a course on Philosophy of Mind which revealed our recent progress in understanding of consciousness. The second and third were artistic works: the movie The Prestige and a short story A Conversation.

Though works of fiction, these pieces made clear that there is more to consciousness than first meets the eye. Each of them suggested a deep connection between consciousness and reality.

I spent the next decade researching these questions. I read the books and articles of many thinkers, and discussed these ideas with living scientists and philosophers online. I reached a surprising conclusion:

Modern science has already answered most of the big questions that have long mystified mankind.

The only catch is the answers have not had time to seep into public awareness. A case in point: a century passed before the public was broadly aware of Copernicus’s theory that the Earth goes around the sun.

I created this blog to accelerate the process, to expose and explain humanity’s latest scientific theories and breakthroughs — especially when they shed light on age-old mysteries.

Current Projects

Besides this blog I am working on a book that explores topics similar to those explored here.

The working title for the book is Science of the Soul. It provides a view of the nature of consciousness and reality from a scientific perspective. It reveals a striking similarity between conclusions drawn from science, and perennial ideas held by different peoples in different times and across many of the world’s religions.


I grew up in Rhode Island where I learned to program on our family’s Apple IIe computer.

In high school I developed and released the world’s first video chat software. During and after college, I helped design the first commercially-available exabyte-scale data storage system as part of the startup Cleversafe.

In the process of developing exabyte storage technology, I became one of the world’s top inventors with 950 patents in areas that include distributed systems, algorithms, data security, data storage, and protocols.

IBM acquired this technology for the IBM Cloud. As part of IBM, I had the privilege of collaborating with renowned cryptographers from IBM Research. We invented new ways to keep data secure.

For a broader list of my work and experience, see my CV.


I enjoy cooking, playing Go, and I am currently trying to learn the piano. I live in Chicago, Illinois.

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