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  • Do objects in math exist independently?
  • Is math invented or discovered?
  • Where does mathematical knowledge come from?


  • What is time?
  • Why does time have an arrow?
  • Is time travel possible?


  • If spacetime is 4D, why can we only move in 3D?
  • Why are mass and energy equivalent?
  • Why does time slow down at high speeds?
  • Does relativity imply eternal life?

Quantum Mechanics

  • Does everything that can happen, actually happen?
  • How do quantum computers work?
  • Does quantum mechanics imply immortality?
  • What is entanglement?


  • What makes something conscious?
  • Can a machine be conscious?

Artificial Intelligence


  • How will the world end?
  • What is the limit to human population growth?
  • Can medicine cure any disease and heal any injury?
  • Will life inherit the universe?
  • Can life survive beyond the end of the universe?


  • How good can technology get?
  • Why does technology improve exponentially?
  • How do computers work?



  • Can technology make us infinitely wealthy?
  • Where does money come from?




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  1. After reading again about Dakila (or Dakila Ecosystem), about the city of Zigurats, and about Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, it even made me want to make (theorize/idealize) my own version of the Dalika Ecosystem, from the city of Zigurats and the projects of Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, but of course, trying to look as much as possible with what the Anunnaki (or Anunnas) are actually, and with my projects related to deistology/agnosticology, conscientiology, esoterology, spiritology, spiritual sciences, extraphysics/metaphysics, extraphysical/metaphysical mechanics, technoquantumism, extraphysicalism, postspace-time, divinialism, extraphysical/metaphysical sciences, anti-atheism, antipositivism/antineopositivism, antimaterialism, anti-antitheism, extramaterialism, extranaturalism/supernaturalism, critical antiscientism, anunna system, anunnakismo, Anunnaki State, Anunnopolitism, Anunnoculturalism, Anunnakian Movement (Anunnakianism) among others. And build a city in Brazil inspired by the cities of the Anunna, full of temples, churches, research centers, technology centers, libraries, schools, universities, and political and commercial centers, in addition to bunkers and buildings similar to those that the Anunnaki do. It’s a dream I have, or rather one of the ideas I have, of course. Because I also have the ideas of the Anunnakist parties and several other ideas related to this Anunnaki issue, spiritual, religious and among other issues as well.


    Guilherme Monteiro Jr.03/14/2022 At 10:52

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    That’s it! Excellent article! I (Guilherme Monteiro Junior) have a lot of admiration for Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, although I disagree with Urandir on some issues, as in the case of the Anunnaki (I do not see the Anunnaki as a species of extraterrestrial controlling humans, but as a species of gods and highly evolved beings who have helped and help humans and who have their own empire, the Anunna Empire, and civilization, being originating from the Paradise of An, and I am also the son of Anu and Nammu as Anunna by the name of Dumugian An -Nammu); in the case of the convex Earth (I still believe in the Earth being a geode or even a globe, and I propose the hypothesis that the Earth is a flat globe/geoid in the waters and convex in the continents); and I also defend what I have written about agnosticology/deistology, extraphysics (extraphysical mechanics and extraphysicalism/extraphysicalism), spiritual sciences and the like; I defend communism/socialism and the anunna system, being against capitalism and neoliberalism; among a few other things. But still, I much prefer Urandir over neopositivists, antitheists and militant atheists that exist on the Internet and I would like Urandir to be more critical of neopositivism, atheism and antitheism as well. I won’t go into too much detail as I’ve written a lot about it (just search for Quozio on the Wayback Machine and Archive-today to find it, and my comments on the Revolutionary Workers Front, Always Asking, and The Ishtar Gate). But excellent article you guys did, and yes, I am really critical of science and atheism, but I am not a “denialist” as they say and I even created the term “citrus anti-scientism” and “critical anti-science” to define what I created and what that I am in parts. And I also have Asperger’s and bipolar disorder. Thank you so much Urandir for existing and for your courage and I hope to one day become like you and have the same support you have!

    Guilherme Monteiro Jr.14/03/2022 At 10:52

    Seu comentário aguarda moderação

    Isso aí mesmo! Excelente artigo! Eu (Guilherme Monteiro Junior) tenho muita admiração por Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, apesar que eu discordo com Urandir em algumas questões, como no caso dos Anunnaki (eu não vejo os Anunnaki como uma espécie de extraterrestres controladores dos humanos, e sim como uma espécie de deuses e seres altamente evoluídos que ajudaram e ajudam os humanos e que possuem seu próprio império, o Império Anunna,e civilização, sendo originários do Paraíso de An, e eu também sou filho de Anu e Nammu como Anunna com o nome de Dumugian An-Nammu); no caso da Terra convexa (ainda acredito na Terra sendo um geodo ou mesmo um globo, e eu proponho a hipótese de que a Terra é um globo/geoide plano nas águas e convexo nos continentes); e também defendo o que eu escrevi sobre agnosticologia/deistologia, extrafísica (mecânica extrafísica e extrafisicismo/extrafisicalismo), ciências esprituais e afins; eu defendo comunismo/socialismo e o sistema anunna, sendo contrário ao capitalismo e ao neoliberalismo; entre algumas outras coisas. Mas ainda sim, prefiro muito o Urandir sobre os neopositivistas, antiteístas e ateus militantes que existem pela Internet e eu queria que Urandir fosse mais crítico do neopositivismo, ateísmo e antiteísmo também. Eu não vou me extender muito pois já escrevi muito sobre (basta buscar pelo Quozio no Wayback Machine e no Archive-today pra achar, e meus comentários na Frente Revolucionária dos Trabalhadores, Always Asking, e no The Ishtar Gate). Mas excelente artigo que vocês fizeram, e sim, eu sou mesmo crítico da ciência e do ateísmo, mas não sou “negacionista” como falam e ainda criei o termo “anticientificismo cítrico” e “anticiência crítica” para definir o que eu criei e o que eu sou em partes. E eu também tenho Asperger e transtorno bipolar. Muito obrigado Urandir por você existir e pela sua coragem e espero um dia me tornar como você e ter o mesmo apoio que você tem!

  3. Hey Jason, I think it is worthy for you comment about. What do you think about those projects made by Dalika Pesquisas (they are all translated by Google Translate)?

    anomaly of the stars
    Since the release of the documentary Terra Convexa, researchers from Dakila continue to collect and analyze compelling data that puts, once again, in check, what science embraces as absolute truth.

    Can we believe everything space agencies say about the sun, moon, stars and planets? Do we live in the solar system or the earth system?

    Simultaneous tests of teams, from pole to pole, present facts that are being ignored by those who only repeat what they read in the books.

    Dakila Pesquisas remains firm in its purpose of delivering to humanity the reality that will change the course of history, science and life once and for all!

    convex earth
    convex earth
    Throughout history, various civilizations have questioned the shape of our planet, creating hypotheses according to their level of knowledge.

    Even today, several scientists around the world question the veracity of the Earth’s sphericity, because even though it is shown as an absolute truth, there is no unquestionable evidence in this regard.

    Everything this ancient theory is based on is just evidence, and evidence is not necessarily irrefutable proof.

    With the aim of bringing the light of knowledge to the true shape of the earth, the members of Dakila Pesquisasse joined other scientists in an independent research to question the absolute truths.

    Possible Geoglyph
    Members of Dakila Pesquisas found in the southeastern region of São Paulo an area with evidence of the Peabiru Path and also a possible geoglyph. On-site studies will start soon, and if this discovery is confirmed, this will be the first mark on the ground near the coast of São Paulo.

    Researchers demarcated the area and made the first trajectory to identify traces that the place is in fact linked to Peabiru. In addition, some ditches were found, and when they were traversed, it was diagnosed to be some kind of geoglyph (drawings or figures on the ground that can only be seen from above).

    Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, president of the Dakila Ecosystem, explains that after the mapping, the area will be cleared, with the help of drones and metal detectors, to find possible artifacts that can more accurately identify the likely stories that were experienced in this region. .

    Ratanabá – The First Capital of the World
    The Muril civilization was the first to come to Earth 600 million years ago. The Murils stayed here until just before the rise of the Andes, around 450 million years ago. They settled for a period of 150 million years mapping and demarcating our planet. Their objective was not to colonize, but they brought people to help with their work.

    The central Muril Empire was located in what is now the Amazon Rainforest. This Empire that was the center of all civilization, the capital of the world, was called Ratanabá.

    After completing the mapping work, the Murils left their buildings and technologies. Because our planet was so beautiful, many of the Muril workers and direct descendants chose to stay on Earth.

    Tell me what you think about them and write a comment about each one of them.

  4. We are getting into very insane and sick times with this whole thing of smartphones, gig economy, human microchipping (chipism or microchipism), (classical) transhumanism, technological “singularity”, AI militant atheism, neopositivism, antitheism, technological fanaticism (or technofanaticism), technological totalitarianism (or technototalitarianism), technological fundamentalism (or technofundamentalism), technological extremism (or technoextremism), technological fascism (technofascism), atheist fanaticism, atheist fundamentalism, atheist totalitarianism, atheist extremism, atheist fascism, atheist imperialism, militant scientism, militant skepticism, militant materialism, militant rationalism, scientific evidence fascism, scientific evidence totalitarianism, militant evidentialism (or scientific evidentialism), scientific imperialism, pop culture fascism, militant pop culture, pop culture totalitarianism, pop culture imperialism, police-prison fascism, Internet fascism, Internet totalitarianism, Internet imperialism, Internet vigilantism, extreme anti-comunism, extreme neoliberalism, extreme capitalism, anti-LGBTQI+, anti-OTMSN+, anti-postmodernism, xenospeciesism, theospecisism, misotheism, deicidism, kratosism, ragnarokism, social media fascism, social media totalitarianism, social media imperialism, search engine fascism, search engine totalitarianism, search engine imperialism and related. It is just very insane and sick to see that people are becoming like that and still claiming they are the owners of “reality” and everyone outside their “reality” is “delusional”, “psychotic” and “schizophrenic”, this is a very insane thing that must be countered, and people cannot be silenced about that and they must counter it. I am being extremely censored and even cyberstalked and I do not stop my struggle, yeah, I might be bipolar and have Asperger’s syndrome, but most of things i say about that are real somehow. And I have suffered literally all possible kinds of psychological damage from people who actually support those things, and I was called by literally any possible thing you can imagine from people who actually support those things as well. And I did not give up nor I will give up, while I can still express myself, I will express myself, I have to inspire more people into the struggle I am in and I can’t let people to give up struggling, people cannot allow this insanity and this sickness disguised of “sanity” and “healthy” fully take over the world and no one struggle against it. People must fight against those things, and they can’t give up doing it. We can’t give up while we can still fight, and I know that in the near future people will understand me and start to agree with me somehow with what I said in the past that we are living right now. And people who agree with me on those things will develop what I said nowadays even improved and will turn it popular worldwide.

  5. I simply hate the atheist bias and the liberal/neoliberal bias of Google, of social media, of mass media and of the Internet. It simply sucks a lot, simply because Google and social media are focused on turning everyone into neoliberal atheists and mass media and the Internet are very confused on giving the maximum of voice as possible to atheists (mainly militant atheists, atheist zealots, atheist funsamentalists and atheist extremista) and liberals/neoliberals and the Internet unites both things as one thing. It sucks to live in this neoliberal atheist hell that the Internet and mass media are creating nowadays and literally very few people are talking about that. It sucks a lot, actually. This neoliberal atheist insanity that is being installed worldwide (that unites neoliberalism, militant atheism and neopositivism into one single thing, neopositivism, antitheism and “skepticism” already included inside atheism as well as all concepts related to both terms, atheism, skepticism, antitheism and neopositivism), and literally very few people talking about that, it is getting even more insane day by day. I am getting sick with those skeptical neopositivist neoliberal atheists doing whatever they want without being cancelled and cancelling anyone who disagrees with atheism, antitheism, “skepticism”, neopositivism and neoliberalism or opposes them. It is already insane, they are so many times more insane and delusional than they claim that religious/spirituals/esotericists/theists are, they (skeptics, neoliberals, neopositivists, atheists and antitheists) are all bunch of insane delusionals who believe their views are objective and that they are the owners of the absolute truth of the world and they do not even believe in their own existence besides they be hardcore scientific evidentialists and materialist reductionists who think scientific evidences can prove everything when they actually doesn’t prove anything. I hate those insane times of neoliberalism, atheism, antitheism, skepticism, neopositivism, scientific evidentialism and materialist reductionism.

  6. Hello Jason, I would like if you commented about those comments I have found on that website,

    Cepzeu   Member289 posts

    Posted February 20


      On 2/20/2022 at 1:30 AM, Ineedanswers said:

    @Leo Gura tldr below

    Leo in your recent blog video you said that ,as god you realized how you were creating yourself and all other things (ie-your bluetooth device,the waves emitted from it and the physics behind).

    If thats the case,why cant you solve all the scientists most pressing problems?do you know 

    1)how measurements collapse quantum wave functions?

    2)why is there more matter than antimatter?

    3)what exactly is dark matter?

    4)what happens inside a blackhole?

    5)do naked singularities exist? If so how?

    6)can you solve the schrodinger equation in a spherically symmetric potential?

    If you could attain god consiousness and understand how you created the bluetooth waves. You should also be able to explain why some particles violate the charge parity symmetry right?

    And also why cant you predict the future? God is all omnipotent and allknowing right? Cant you 1)attain god realization again 2)see into the future 3)and come back and accurately predict some events? (Ie-the next president of america or the score in a football game or something?)

    Is there a reason why you cant do these things? If you could noone(sam harris ,curt jaimungal,professor dave) will have any doubts you(and i and all humans) are god right?

    Edit-(I understand why you cant perform miracles like healing,turning water into wine cant do them because once you attain god consiousness  you are completely selfless and have no need or desire to perform miracles.and once you come back to normal human consiousness you no longer have those abilities). But i dont see why you cant attain god consiousness,see into the future and come back into human consiousness and make accurate predictions or solve pressing scienece concerns.)

    Then you wont have to waste time on one will be able to doubt the validity of your claims

    Tldr-as someone who has attained consiousness.why dont you have all the answers to all  science questions? Science is a story you invented as god invented right?(the bigbang,evolution,natural selection etc). Then why dont you know everything about the scientific story?

    This is a misrepresentation of what god-realization achieves. 

    All of those things you mentioned are conceptual illusions that your mind spins. God realization is recognizing that you create all of these concepts. Measurements do not exists. Science does not exists. Future and past do not exist. Black holes do not exist.

    You have not awoken yet to the reality of concepts in the now.


    Here is an exercise. Point to the problem you are describing. Use your finger and point to the problem you are talking about above in the now. Recognize that all of those things do not exist as “things”. They exist as conceptual constructs. 


     It’s easy to see how the future is a conceptual constructs in the now. But can you stomach recognizing that your birth is a conceptual constructs in the now, and never happened. When you say it happened in the past, recognize that the past is a conceptual construct.

    Then stay awake for a whole night, from sunset to sunrise and recognize that the lines between today and tomorrow don’t exist. Or better yet, take a psychedelic and realize time does not exist as anything other than a mental concept.

    You have NEVER left the present moment. You have never left the now. You literally created a conceptual world in which you live, but you are asleep to the fact that you created it. At deeper levels of consciousness you recognize your creation of even “physical” things.

    You grossly misinterpret what the teachings are pointing to. I am not saying this to shame you, I’m merely making a statement so that you do not get lost in the wrong interpretation.

    You can’t predict the future because there is no future. Reality is here, now, forever. You never leave NOW. So how can you expect to get to the future.

    This requires a 180 degree change in your point of view. You do not travel through time as a person. You are God, Now and “stuff” is changing around you. You interpret that time has passed but this is not the case. The now has simply changed. Stay awake from sunset to sunrise and realize that you never went from yesterday into today, you were always in the now and all that happened is that some numbers changed on a screen or on a clock -in the now. Numbers are changing on the clock IN THE NOW. Time is a social, conceptual construct.

    Cepzeu   Member289 posts

    Posted February 20

    @Ineedanswers Sure thing.

    You can gain depth of knowledge in the same way as you can draw a bigger map as you explore some new territory. But God realization is realizing the territory is real and the map is a concept, not drawing a bigger and bigger map. If you want to do science then you can. If you want God realization, you will have to realise that you will not get there though concepts. You can study and investigate science for infinity, but you will never get to truth through it. No matter how long you spend thinking about molecules then atoms then quarks then strings the space-time etc. It won’t change the fact that those are all illusions. You can make your life easier by discovering new technology and advancing science, but that is different to realizing what’s true. Inventing penicillin allows more people to survive bacterial infections. It does not change that fact that people, infections, etc are all an illusion.

    To answer your further questions:

    1) yes. They are all illusions. As is everything. How can e=mc2 not be an illusory concept. Theories by definition are conceptual models. I can theorize that the sun will rise tomorrow. What will actually happen is unknown. The point of god realization is differentiating what you think about something, with what it actually is. Look at your hand. Now realise that what you are looking at is not a hand. Hand is a conceptual framework you overlay over reality, such that when you see the thing that you see, you think hand. But it is not a hand. It is something that words cannot communicate because all language is dualistic. The best descriptor is “it is what IT IS” but that sounds silly until you actually LOOK and realise that what it IS is not what you THINK it is. Stop thinking, and look.

    2. There is no difference. The scientist is just as deluded as the theologian. You have never seen a big bang, or a planet formed, or a black hole, or a DNA molecule, etc. You have been told these concepts from a young age and you blindly believed them, just how a religious kid got told about Adam and eve and believed that story to be true. You hand is not made of skin and bone and atoms. It is made of consciousness. It is as clear as day yet you will not be able to see it. You are a fish swimming in water and you can’t see the water, because it is all there is. That is the pickle you are in.

    Again, do not confuse the ability of science to create things that help your survival, with what is actually true. Science is no truer than religion, despite the fact that with science we can make an iphone etc. It is a “better”/more accurate map of this dream, but is cannot make you see the dream as a dream.

    3. They are just building the dream with more concepts. They are making the map prettier and bigger. You are God, you are the only thing that exists. You are the dream. Everything is dream-stuff. It is ALL an illusion. Including this.

  7. And also Jason, I would like if you could take a look on Sattology and comment about that.


    The author,”Aditya Satsangi”, is the inventor and the copyright owner of the term ‘SATTOLOGY’. Sat – सत means truth in संस्कृत Sanskrit. The word Logos in Latin means ‘a Study or Science’. Etymologically combining ‘Sat’ and ‘Logos’, we have to add additional ‘t’ to please both Sanskrit grammar rules as well as English. So Sattology means – ‘Science of Truth’ or a ‘Study of Truth. मिथ or Myth is a Sanskrit root word that means fake/lie/imagination So, Sattology is the exact antonym of Mythology, which often means study of Fake or an Imagination or a lie.

    Christian missionaries coined this term ‘mythology’ to call all Hindu Vedic histories from Vedas & Puranas as fake during their colonization campaign against Hindus. Later they used the same term to obliterate all ancient history of Aztecs, Incas, Sumerians, Phoenicians and even Mayans.

    Western historians dismissed the history of their colonies as mythology while upholding their fake histories. Now, the colonies have risen and are claiming their respect and recognition. The first step is to Debunk all Mythology tag on ancient cultures and their history. Histories have to be re written because the facts are now screaming against the tyranny of faith based colonialists.

    All ancient world history especially well-documented history from Mahabharat, Ramayan, Puranas and Vedas are Sattology. This Sattology word created by me will one day become an official word in the oxford dictionaries to remove the colonial academic atrocity on the whole world.

  8. When will you start writing the other articles? I mean, it makes almost 1 year you write no article. I seriously hope you didn’t give up doing that and you’ll still keep your work on those articles and questions.

  9. I think it says a lot about Anunnas and about gods as well…

    “Like, instead of focusing on getting the raw messages, you guys interpret a lot and use the knowledge you have to make sense of the info. If it strays away too much from the truth you cut off. Detached yourselves. Maybe you fell out of touch with them. Like what i was telling you about how nibiru is fiction. If you keep viewing gods as aliens then you won’t rechieve messages from the gods anymore. But from lower beings. Mounter whole universe is anunna planets and worlds. Ki is the physical universe. Not just earth Nammu is the primordial water isn’t she? From which the universe was born. Think of it like this : there’s a god Enki right? Then there’s countless beings who are either born of him or connected to him. Both physical beings advanced beings and etc. If i try to connect to enki right now, i could connect to actual enki in pure form or to lesser parts of him or to other beings connected to him. Which in the end are also him but it’s about how many times a message is translated. Each time a message is passed down from a source it changes a little based on the understanding of the receiver. Like that telephone game we played when we were young. If you look at gods as beings with worlds and associate them with aliens, chances are you’ll end up not connected to the god but another being of their energy. And you don’t trust the message you get fully. You only trust the truth. And to see the truth you research everything. Which might even lie to you. That’s why you always take everything with a grain of salt. Anyway i think you need a break in order to feel the gods again. To feel the vibe they give. Yeah idk him (Vinicius Oliveira) so i can’t give much advice but i feel like he needs to look around himself and analyze the physical world. To try see big picture and feel the gods all around himself. Same for you. Gods aren’t some distant beings. You just need to stop and remember they are here. All around you. They’re right here right now. Like really. For a moment, just stop. To know them. To feel them. Every thought every movement. Just ask yourself “who am I”. “Why am I here”. Realise you exist. And how that feels. The gods never left. Just let yourself be anyway you are. First stop focusing as yourself as anything. Stop putting labels. If you feel yourself for real that would be your true self. Look, try this now. Try to unfocus your eyes from everything. To see everything at once. But at the same time. Not focus on anything. Same with sounds. Let them flow. Become aware of all of them. And stop thinking of anything. Just exist. Become aware of your existence. In this point in time. Everything is right now. Let yourself feel the present. Right here in the present. The beginning and the end of the universe itself. All dimensions all worlds, all gods, everything. They’re right here. All around you. You just need to know where to look. How to feel them.” – Maria Ioana “Kasdeya” Popescu

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